TinWhistle Hole Calculator  V3.22

TWCalc is a Freeware program that runs under MS-Windows.
Note:  TWCalc also runs under 'WINE' for linux with the exception of the graph. 
It allows you to calculate hole positions for 6-hole tinwhistles and flutes.

The latest changes reflect the recent formula changes that are in my FLUTE-DIATONIC Excel Spreadsheet.
For many years, many in the whistle industry have been using the tone hole matrix formulas developed in the late 1970's,
I discovered that most of the programs out there do not calculate closed hole correction right and recently discover an error in
the chimney correction for sharp edge toneholes using  61.33% efficiency instead of 75%.  
What this caused on many whistles that are made by various maker's today to be flat on the low end notes and gradually gets sharper
before it reaches the top tonehole notes.  

Version 3.22

Add individual tonehole bore diameters
This is the first step in supporting tapered bores!

Version 3.21

Fix L/B Ratio Glitch

Change "UNIT" to "UNITS" in stored data.

Version 3.2
Changes to Chimney Correction, Length Calculation, minor display changes

Version 3.1
Adding Modes

Version 3.0

Conversion to 32 Bit Windows

Version 2.0 - unpublished

Version 1.7

Save multiple - new file form.  Minor cleanups.


Version 1.6

New addition to program allow for instruments with cylindrical closed end bores, such as clarinets, reed pipes, etc.


Version 1.5

This new version allows metric and english units.

Floating Point Errors are now trapped and also has quick selection of music modes.  More modes will be added in time



TWCalc is a zipped file.  Save it to your hard disk and unzip it first with PKZIP or WINZIP.

TWCALC Users Manual


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