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Sub Naf

Sub-NAF Low-Low-D

Sub NAF, PVC Native Bass D

A Sub-NAF is unique instrument.  It a cross between a Bass-whistle and a Native American Flute.

Like a bass whistle it has keys with springs to reach the toneholes.  A typical tonehole can range between 3/4 to 1" diameter.
The diameter of the tubing in a Sub-NAF is wider than a basswhislte.  The Sub is not designed to overblow, the wide diameter takes full advantage of the low pitch in the first octave just like a Native American Flute.  It also uses the traditional 6-hole Pentatonic Minor scale used on most Native American Flutes.

The Sub-NAF is made of PVC pipe and has bend in the pipe.  This puts the TSH (True sound hole) upside down so that moisture can drop down into the SAC (Slow Air Chamber)  The blowpipe is connected to a cap that makes for easy removal.

SubNAF's can be painted decorated with various types of Artrwork, which I can do or you can do yourself.


  Bass-C $160


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